How healthy is your business?

Is it time you hired a Business Coach?

Not focusing on the right things?

Not taking enough action?

Not reaching your target market?

Spreading yourself too thin?

Taking on the challenge of becoming a small business owner can be very overwhelming if you have little to no business acumen.  As a result, you may be left feeling overwhelmed, overworked and may even burn out trying to make ends meet.  The PPS© Business Coaching opportunities available are unique in that they speak directly to your property staging business.  Coaching can prove to be a powerful tool for success.  


5.     Accountability!

         None of this can be accomplished without your commitment to you and your

         accountablility to the process.  Wanting something and doing something are two

         different things.  You need to have a plan in place and you need to complete each

         task to get you to your goal.  Your PPS© Coach will hold you accountable by

         following up to be sure you are executing your weekly tasks and goal setting  

         targets.  Together your business will flourish.

Top Five Reasons to hire a PPS© Business Coach:

1.    Goal Setting

        Establishing long and short term goals for your business.  Is there a plan? 

2.    Marketing Strategies/Increased Revenue

        Are you profiting?  Are you growing as you had envisioned?  How do I get my

        business to the next level?  What are your marketing strategies, niche

        markets, how will you increase your client base?  What is your target market

        and how are your services offered to clients?  Are you effective when it comes

        to your tools, knowledge and networks?

3.    Fast Tracking your Business. 

        Understanding what it takes to run your business.  Getting you where you need

        to be; through processes, developing structure, and guidance.  As a coach,

        mentor, and consultant - your PPS© coach will put you on track and show you

        what to do at the right times to give you an edge over your competition.

4.     Motivation!

        You will be Challenged and Motivated.  Driven business owners thrive on

         challenge and embrace the opportunity to make great changes in their

         business.  Your PPS© coach will help you to think outside of the box so

         that together you can generate new possibilities and opportunities. 

         Motivation will be part of the process.  Without motivation and a positive

         mindset you will continue on the same path or journey of mediocrity. The PPS©

         coaching programs and sessions will motivate you to be the best you can be.

Champion Performance Coaching Program  
10 Weeks to Success


  • How do I become the successful person I dream about?

  • Setting goals that are achievable to you.

  • Where will I be in one year from now? How will I get there?

  • Where will my sales be?

Running a successful Professional Property Staging business is a full-time job.  From the onset of the CPC Program expect to see the best year yet.  

Individualized One-on-One Business Coaching sessions also available. 

Not sure which PPS© business coaching program is best suited for you and your business?         Request a Complimentary Consultation to establish the most effective program for you.  

Ready to take action and your Property Staging business to the next level?