Taking on the challenge of becoming a business owner can be very overwhelming.  As a result, you may be left feeling overwhelmed, overworked and may even burn out trying to make ends meet.  The PPS© Business Coaching opportunities available are unique in that they speak directly to your property staging business.  

FEE $997


·        10 weeks of One-on-One coaching

·        30 Week Calendar

·        Action Tracking

·        Goal Setting tools

·        Business planner

·        And more..

Not sure which PPS© business coaching program

is best suited for you and your business?     Request a Complimentary Consultation to establish the most effective program for you.  

How it works.  The PPS© Champion Performance Coaching Program© is more than just a program. It is a journey from your first PPS© Champion Performance session to week ten, where you will receive your PPS© Champion Performance Program Certificate.


How do I become that successful person I dream about and deserve to be? (Set goals that are achievable to you.) Where will I be in one year from now? Where will my sales be? How will I get there? Are my real-world goals established? Are they written down? (If not, next year, you'll likely be where you are today).


Along the way, we pledge to work with you at your side until you reach your goals.   Much like a business Boot Camp program, you will notice some similarities and yet some significant differences. This program focuses on goal setting, accountability, weekly assignments, planning, and developing formulas to support your weekly tasks and goals.   


This program is loaded with great tools for effectively managing your time.  Your coach will teach you how to build your book of business and referral relationships.  Your coach will guide you, support you with encouragement, and help you develop the momentum needed to become a successful Professional Property Stager© business owner.


You will be required to submit a brief written report weekly before each coaching session.  Your first week will include 6 - 8 tasks, and you will have a two-week window to complete your assignments. Your coach will go over the details with you on your first day. Stick to the program, and you will be a top performer in your industry. 


Be prepared, this program is designed for success, and you will need to be committed to it 110% as you apply the principles of the PPS© Champion Performance Coaching Program.   Challenge yourself, and by the end of this program, you will have learned things you never thought possible, and you will become successful in your business.


"Your power is useless unless you harness it." ~ Jeffrey Gitomer




One-on-On coaching fees: 

One 30 minute session - $85

One 60 minute session - $150

Three 30 minute sessions - $225

Three 60 minute sessions -  $397

PPS One-on-One business coaching is a process and a relationship between you, the Property Stager, and your Property Stager Business Coach via Zoom, with specific objectives and goals focused on developing potential, improving your business, and enhancing performance.

Our personalized approach to business coaching in the property Staging arena, compounded with more than 20 years of Property Staging business experience, sets us apart from other schools and provides you with the individualized attention needed to catapult your business.  Passionate about Property staging, our mission is to help you enjoy the success other Professional Property stagers are experiencing.

How to get started?

There are two ways to get started:

1) Book your initial Complimentary Consultation so that we may assess your individual needs for you and your business.  Depending on your needs, areas of emphasis often include business strategies to increase revenue, establishing what your business means to you, business development, marketing, crafting a compelling vision, and customer service.  Working One-on-One together, we will establish goals and a clear vision of where you want to be in your business.

2) You are confident in what your business needs are, in that case, book it!