PPS Instructor Information

The PPS© Instructor Certification course provides the practical information needed to teach the PPS© Courses and Certifications.  The PPS© Courses reinforce the values we believe in as leaders in the Property Staging Industry.


It takes a special individual to become a PPS© Instructor.   We look for individuals that are willing to take on the aurduous task of supporting and teaching meaningful lessons which Property Stagers will be able to use to build successful businesses. 


The key to the success of any PPS© course is the ability for the Instructor to organize his/her thoughts about the lesson to be presented.  Instructors should use a student-centered approach to classroom learning, that is, the Instructor should view the lesson from the point of view of the students: what they already know about the topic, what they are expected to know at the conclusion of the lesson, and most importantly, how the students are expected to use the material at the end of the certification and beyond.   

If you believe you are that person and are passionate about a career as a PPS© Instructor, send us an email.