Our training format allows individuals to mold their staging career to fit both lifestyle and budget. Offered as an in-class program and well as a Learning Management System that allows you to work at your own pace and convenience.  The User interface for students is attractive and easy to navigate.  


The richness of the PPS© Certification programs provide "Future Stagers" with everything needed to be successful in the arena of Property Staging.  "Seasoned Stagers" looking to increase revenue in their business, have the flexibility of only choosing those Certification Levels that will support and enhance their business.   

PPS© Courses:

  • PPS© Novice 

  • PPS© Consultant

  • PPS© Lead Stager

  • PPS© Expert Stager

  • PPS© REA Consultant

  • PPS© Feng Shui to Sell

  • PPS© Presenter/Speaker

  • PPS© House Be Green

  • PPS© Instructor

  • Build Your Staging Business 

  • Champion Performance Coaching Program

PPS© Course Descriptions:

Professional Property Stager©
Novice Certification

Welcome to the exciting world of Professional Property Staging.  The first step to becoming a Certified Professional Property Stager©.   Everything you always wanted to know or need to know to  become a successful Property Stager starts here!  


  • Property Staging Concepts and Facilities

  • Colour Concepts, Space and Texture

  • Industry Standards and current trends

  • Room Diagnosis and Recommendations



At Level I, you will learn in depth the fundamentals of Property Staging.  The Handbook will serve as one of your biggest referral tools.  It includes visuals to guide you through the process of Staging.  Your instructor will take you through the details of proven methods and formulas to assist you in room configurations, giving you the confidence to successfully support your client needs.  

PPS© Consultant Certification

LEVEL II focuses on the Consultant Service, also known as, the Limited Service Plan©.  The LSP© is a Consultation Service that Certified Professional Property Stagers© have provided clients that plan on doing the work themselves in order to be "market ready".  This service is primarily for “resale properties" or owner occupied.  Ninety percent of LSP©’s involve homes that are seller occupied, the other 10 percent have already moved but their belongings remain and a thus a report will be required.


  • The Consultation process using proven methods of an LSP©

  • Report writing and client presentation

  • Client handling and Communications

  • Photography

  • Business procedures and policies

  • Includes Tools

PPS© Lead Stager Certification

Level III focuses on the Shared Service Plan©, transitioning from an LSP© service to a SSP© Service, in other words, taking a consultation to the next level by supporting your Sellers with additional services such as rental of props and property staging services.  


  • Transitioning from an LSP© to a SSP© 

  • The Shared Service Plan© Policies & Procedures

  • PPS© Lead Stager Tools for assignments

  • Creating your project plan & team management

  • SSP© staging techniques

  • Business policies & procedures

  • Includes Tools

PPS© EXPERT Stager Certification

Level IV will open many new doors of business for you and will provide you with tools that can create unlimited sources of revenue.  Once you have mastered the Full Service Program© process you will be confident in harnessing business and projects associated with home builders, investors, senior residences, commerical properties and more.  The sky is the limit.  



  • Projecting staging project costs

  • Writing effective guesstimates

  • Property Valuation process

  • Formulating a GBB Estimate plan

  • Project Management 

  • Billing policies & procedures

  • Includes Tools

Upon completion of Level IV – PPS© Expert, you will have mastered every aspect of property staging, its pitfalls and rewards.  Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to soar as a Professional Property Staging Expert.

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Bonus, Includes a One-on-One Coaching Session.

                Your success is our success.

PPS©  Presenter/Speaker
Effective Presentation Skills



  • Realtor - Group Presentation/seminars

  • General Audience Presentation/seminars

  • Trade Show Presentation/seminars

  • Round Table Presentations

  • Industry Panel Presentations

  • Capturing audiences for venues

Learn to effectively present PPS© Seminars to Realtors, the General Public, Seniors in Transition, individuals and communities that can benefit from your services.  

Course Fee


Bonus, Includes a One-on-One Coaching Session.

                Your success is our success.

 This course is vital to growing your business.  Guaranteed business comes from powerful powerpoint presentations designed and branded specifically for your target markets.  Be confident in presenting Round Table Events, Panel presentations and more with the powerful tools provided with this certification.  Learn how to capture these venues in order to showcase your brand creating additional revenue for your company.  This course will teach you techniques to building know-like-trust relationships with potential clients.

Includes powerpoint presentations, panel presentations, one-on-ones and more.  

PPS© Instructor/Trainer



  • Training Topics

  • Human Behaviour

  • Defining class objective

  • Methods of Instruction

  • Lesson Plan Development

  • Visual Aids

  • Presentation Skills

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