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Level 1

Your Staging Career starts here!!!

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PPS Novice Certification
Level One - Everything you need to know to become a successful Property Stager starts here!  At Level I, you will learn in-depth the fundamentals of Property Staging so you can help your clients “Stage to Sell” or Stage to Live” their property.  The Handbook will serve as one of your most powerful referral tools.  It includes visuals to guide you through the process of Staging.  Your instructor will take you through the details of proven methods and formulas to assist you in room configurations, giving you the confidence to support your client needs successfully. 

Level 4

 EXPERT Stager

Your Turn Key Business is Complelete

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PPS EXPERT Stager Certification
Level 4 will open many new doors of business for you and will provide you with tools that can create unlimited sources of revenue. Once you have mastered the Full-Service Program© process, you will be confident in harnessing new business and projects associated with home builders, investors, senior residences, commercial properties, and more.  The sky is the limit.  This course includes projection costs, effective guesstimates, property valuation plans.  The assignment and coaching call will help answer any questions you may have.  Upon completion you will have mastered every aspect of property staging, its pitfalls, and rewards.  Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to soar as a Professional Property Staging Expert.

Level 2 

Become a PPS Consultant

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PPS Consultant Certification
Level Two - focuses on the Consultant Service, also known as the Limited Service Plan©.  The LSP© is a Consultation Service that Certified Professional Property Stagers© provide clients that plan on doing the work themselves to become "market-ready".  This service is primarily for "resale properties" or owner-occupied.  The course includes the tools needed to perform consultation reports, client presentations, and business procedures.  You will have the opportunity to apply what you have learned through assignments and your coaching call with your instructor.

Take your business to the next level

PPS EXPERT Stager Certification
Taking on the challenge of becoming a business owner can be very overwhelming.  As a result, you may be left feeling overwhelmed, overworked and may even burn out trying to make ends meet.  The PPS© Business Coaching opportunities available are unique in that they speak directly to your property staging business.  
PPSLI offers two coaching products:
1) Book by the session
2) Champion Performance Coaching Program
10 Weeks to Success.
Discover what works best for you and your business. 

Level 3

LEAD Stager

Enjoy added revenue

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PPS LEAD Stager Certification
Level Three focuses on the Shared Service Plan©, transitioning from an LSP© service to a SSP© Service, in other words, taking a consultation to the next level by supporting your Sellers with additional services such as rental of props, additional property staging and other services.  You will be provided with the necessary Lead Stager business tools to support your services, prop rentals and team management.  Each student enrolled in this course will  apply the tools and techniques through assignments and will have the opportunity to share their results interactively with their instructor  during their personal coaching call. 


the Champion Performance Coaching Program is a 10 Week program.
One-one-One Coaching sessions and weekly tasks and goals.  
Are you ready?