Connie Nedergaard, Founder, PPS Expert, Keynote Speaker, ASPM, Former CSP Elite (2009), Fomer LGLS Trainer (2008), Realtor

Connie Nedergaard has been the course developer and instructor at Professional Property Stager Learning Institute since 2000. The courses she has developed include, but not limited to are PPS Novice, PPS Consultant, PPS Expert Stager and PPS Lead Stager. She is also developing courses for Feng Shui and green staging. As an instructor, she has taught well over two thousand real estate agents in Ohio, Michigan and Florida. In addition to real estate agents, she has also trained other course instructors. Furthermore, Connie was continuing education trainer for night school classes with the Board of Education in Ottawa, Canada. The class she taught was a 4-hour course teaching ops to the general public.

Connie is highly experienced in both staging and as an instructor. She has earned extremely high scores on all her class evaluations from all the past students who have taken her classes. Not only her experience makes her an excellent instructor, but also her engaging personality.

Jeanette Wilkinson, PPS Consultant, PPS Lead Stager, PPS Expert Stager, PPS Instructor

Jeanette is originally from Montreal and has had the opportunity over the years to live in a number of Canadian provinces, Germany and Florida.  In 1987 she moved to Ottawa with her husband and young son who were joined by a sister in 1992.  Jeanette has had a very successful career in Human Resources, working her way through to senior management.  In her last position, she spent 18 years working with many Northern communities travelling extensively throughout the remote Canadian North.   In 2009 she decided it was time to make a career change. 


Jeanette has always had a passion for and success with redesigning and renovating homes, hers as well as those of family and friends.


This in turn led her to research home staging and how to enter into this rewarding field.  She successfully completed the Canadian Certified Staging Professionals course and earned her CPS certification.  She then joined the Staged N Sold team where she successfully earned her (Professional Property Stager) PPS certification (PPS© Novice; PPS© Consultant; PPS© Lead Stager; PPS© Expert Stager).


Over the years, Jeanette has drawn on her abilities as a Professional Property Stager, Facilitator and Trainer to successfully transition into a training/mentoring role, sharing her knowledge, skills, experience and passion for staging with others.

Sue Madsen, PPS Consultant, PPS Expert, PPS Lead Stager and PPS Instructor

The instructor, Sue Madsen, joined Professional Property Stager Learning Institute after 25 years in sales management, customer service and leadership training. This combined with her strong interest in design and experience in home renovation makes her a natural for home staging. Sue prides herself in her ability to connect with clients and offer effective staging solutions.