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Connie Nedergaard, Founder of the Professional Property Stagers Online Campus© followed the "Five Basic Rules" she had always lived by in business.  These rules ultimately brought her the success she has enjoyed throughout her Staging Career along with the development of the Professional Property Stager Certifications and the PPS Online Campus Coaching Tools. 

  • What sets us apart from other schools? 

   A large part of our success comes from experience.  

  • How did we get here?  

The Five Basic Rules to success!


1.     Know that you don’t know!  

Since 2000, Connie Nedergaard lived and learned everything there was to know about staging properties.  She staged properties in both the United States and Canada.  Projects ranged from owner occupied, investment properties, as well as, staging for the largest property management company in the United States.  With her and her teams talents they successfully staged all amenities on multiple properties throughout Ohio and Indiana.  This resulted in increased lease numbers for the properties which made them richly sellable.  

In many respects Property Staging is still considered a relatively young industry.  In the beginning there weren't a lot of "experts" in the industry,  so it was important for Connie to learn and absorb from others that had gone before her. Her quest to gain all the necessary tools and knowledge would be key to the development of the PPS© Services business model.  Understanding that each Academy and/or school had something relevant to add to her portfolio Connie acquired:  The Accredited Staging Professional (ASP);  the Master (ASPM); the ASP Course Trainer for Canada;  the Canadian Staging Professional (CSP);  the CSP Elite Train the trainer designation; the CSP Elite Instructor Certification;  she travelled to Minnesota to become educated on Green Living through the Live Green, Live Smart program ultimately securing her certification as a LGLS Facilitator.

With her knowledge, skills and experience as a Professional Property Stager, Public Speaker, Facilitor, as well as, Realtor -  the PPS© Certification  (PPS©  Novice; PPS© Consultant; PPS© Lead Stager; PPS© Expert Stager) continued to grow and develop into the successful business services program it is today.  

Connie relocated to Ohio in 2013 and has since licensed out her company in Canada known as StagedNSold TM .  Her journey has been an exciting one and her philosophy of "Know that you don't know", has always taught her to observe, ask, experience, listen, learn and success will follow you.


2.     Know who the Experts are!

Observe the Experts in your industry, everyone wants to work with or buy from the person who has the reputation, credibility and knowledge of an expert.   An expert is someone that knows their stuff better than anyone else in their field.  Why recreate the wheel when you can improve upon it?  The proven PPS© tools and processes allow you to be the "Expert" in your industry.

3.     What successes do they share in common?  

Our Founder researched staging schools, participated in their programs and even taught students through those academies.  This process allowed her to see the commonalities and differences and the reality that some potential stagers were feeling "lost" after completing the course.   With such a passion for the industry it was important for Connie to help other Stagers' realize their dream of a successful business.  So she set forth by improving upon what was working and “filled in the blanks” to build an effective Professional Property Staging© business model that was seamless and profitable.  For more than a decade, Certified Professional Property Stagers© have been using the PPS© techniques,  formulas and processes and are enjoying a profitable business.  

4.     Keep the best and eliminate the rest! 

Connie used only the ideas and tools that worked and introduced components and strategies to develop the ultimate Professional Property Staging© business model for consumers and Property Stagers.

5.     Repetition Leads to Mastery. 

Repetition leads to innovation, it brings new levels of understanding, as a result  the PPS©  Certification business model runs like a smooth oiled machine.  Since 2000 the Professional Property Stagers© business model has helped sell more than 250 million dollars of real estate a year.  Almost 15 years later Property Stagers continue enjoy the success of our tools and experiences which has become the formula to a most successful Professional Property Staging© Certification program.