History of the Professional Property Stager Learning Institute
Connie Nedergaard, Founder of the Professional Property Stager Learning Institute has been in the property staging business for more than 20 years.  Connie brings a wealth of experience to the Real Estate Property Staging Industry and her mission is to provide future and present Property Stagers with the knowledge, training, experience, and success she has enjoyed throughout her career.  
It all began with Staged N Sold® and the “Three Level Service Plan©” in 2000.  The three-level service plan was an exclusive product created and developed by Connie Nedergaard, President, and Founder.  The idea was to help real estate professionals  and sellers understand what Property Staging is and what service or services they would need to become “Market Ready.”

The success of Staged N Sold®’s products and processes generated countless phone calls and email requests from not only potential property stagers but others that were struggling with their staging business.  The question most often asked, “How did you achieve such success in such a short time in such a new industry?”  Stagers were curious to learn Connie’s strategy and eager to discover what tools or trade secrets she was using. 

Resumes reached Connie’s desk with requests to join the StagedNSold® team.  As her business grew so did the need for a strong professional staging team.  Candidates were interviewed, and teams were developed and trained in Ontario, as well as British Columbia.  With Connie’s experience as a Real Estate Professional and extensive knowledge, training and expertise as a property stager, the Professional Property Stager® Certification was born.  To maintain the integrity of the products and processes, Connie needed to set the staging standards for the company and develop a comprehensive model that would allow individual accomplishments for Professional Property Stagers (PPS®).  The program was a success, and since that time our PPS® Certification programs continue to improve and grow. 

Since 2000, Connie and her team of Certified Professional Property Stagers® have helped sell millions of dollars worth of real estate annually.  Her hands-on experience and exclusive staging service plans have made her team of Professional Property Stagers® some of the most sought after certified and trained professionals in the industry. 

As leaders in the staging industry, Professional Property Stagers® have been featured on television, radio shows and newspapers.

In 2012, Staged N Sold® became a recognized trademark name offering Staged N Sold® licenses, as well as, the Professional Property Stager© Certification to individuals looking to work under the Staged N Sold® banner.  Until recently, the PPS© Certification and business tools have only been available to individuals interested in joining the StagedNSold® family. 

In 2013, the Professional Property Stager® Certification and the business toolbox were made available to any and all persons looking to build a business and career as a Certified Professional Property Stager®.  As well, the PPS® REA Certification program was developed and designed exclusively for Real Estate Professionals that were looking for certification and credits.  This course has been approved and recognized nationally by the Division of Real Estate in multiple states as a six credit hour course.  Most importantly the PPS® REA Consultant Certification gives Real Estate Professionals a competitive business edge.  Connie Nedergaard is excited to share her talents, expertise, and knowledge with you.

In 2015 Connie developed the PPS REA Consultant Certification designed for Real Estate Agents.   The missing link to connecting Real Estate Professionals and Home Sellers with best marketing tool available.  Since that time the PPS REA Consultant Certification has been approved for credit hours in more than 10 states.  Since inception more than 4000 real estate agents have attended.  It taught nationally in both the United States and Canada.  
In 2019, the PPS online learning campus was born.  The PPS four-level series became available online so students could learn at their own pace.   

Connie Nedergaard's achievements include: 

Founder, Professional Property Stager® Learning Institute,

Professional Property Stager® Expert Stager, Lead Stager, Consultant,

Feng Shui to Sell Facilitator

House Be Green Facilitator

PPS Course Developer and Facilitator/Instructor,

LMS PPS Course developer,

Toshiba Innovations Award Recipient,

Keynote Speaker,

Real Estate Professional, HomeSmart Momentum

Accredited Staging Professional Master,

Accredited Staging Professional Trainer,

Canadian Staging Professional,

Canadian Staging Professional Elite, Train the Trainer.

Live Green, Live Smart Trainer