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      Let Real First Defense be your first stop, and your last stop for all of your cleaning and odor control needs. At RFD we do our best to treat all of our clients, like you're our only client!


These premium quality products are all plant based, biodegradeable, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. At RFD we believe that a clean house and clean planet go hand-in-hand. In todays global economy, social and environmental responsibility is not only viable, but essential for creating the world we all want to live in; and we are proud to be contributing to a better future.


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This heavy duty all-purpose cleaner is great for any situation. Primarily used on grease, grime, and stains, try it on your toughest jobs before your next open house!


History: Originally formulated in the 1970's with the name Sea Wash, this heavy duty cleaner was made as a green alternative to break down oil and oil byprodcts in the ocean. Since then this product has been used by the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission - Largest Bus system in North America), Toronto Zoo, and even the United States Navy.


Try It Out: Grease, Oil, Grime, Dirt, Dust Build-Ups, Carpet Stains, Mold and Mildew, Pool Grime, and more!


Heavy Duty Cleaner

Odor Eliminator

This product is a water based deodorizer, which is safe for use anywhere and eliminates odor in the tough to reach places! Real First Defense: Odor control is a green alternative to permanently eliminate odor in yours or your clients home. 


This product is used in both the United States and Canada by industrial fogging and odor elimination companies and is preferred by homeowners, leaving a fresh neutral scent!

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Product Specialist

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Product Specialist

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What is a Fogging Service?


When a home or room has developed a lasting undesired odor, you need the fogging service! Preparing your home or a clients for sale and need to get rid of that smell once and for all? Our fogging service eliminates odors such as smoke, animal odors, stong food smells, and so much more!


The goal of the service is to create a thin film of product on all surfaces in the affected area. Since this is a biodegradable, non-toxic, and animal friendly product, it can be used anywhere and the space is immediately livable after drying. 


Please call or email us if you have any questions or wan to learn more!